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Top 10 meist gespielte Lieder von Eagles in den letzten 40 Konzerten. Entdecke Eagles, checke die Top Songs (hits): ()

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Live gespielte Lieder wurden auf den folgenden Alben veröffentlicht:

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Höre Dir die Playliste für das nächste Konzert an (aktualisiert nach jeder Gig):

Eagles wird für ungefähr 3:05 auf der Bühne sein. Hier gibt es die mögliche Setliste basierend auf vergangenen Konzerten:

  1. Eagles Live cover Seven Bridges Road
  2. Eagles cover Take It Easy
  3. One Of These Nights cover One of These Nights
  4. One Of These Nights cover Take It to the Limit
  5. Desperado cover Tequila Sunrise
  6. Eagles cover Witchy Woman
  7. The Warriors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack cover In the City (Joe Walsh cover)
  8. The Long Run cover I Can't Tell You Why
  9. Hotel California cover New Kid in Town
  10. Eagles cover Peaceful Easy Feeling
  11. Hell Freezes Over cover Love Will Keep Us Alive
  12. One Of These Nights cover Lyin' Eyes
  13. I Still Believe In You cover Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away (Vince Gill cover)
  14. The Long Run cover Those Shoes
  15. On The Border cover Already Gone
  16. Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits: Little Did He Know... cover Walk Away (James Gang cover)
  17. But Seriously, Folks... cover Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh cover)
  18. Building The Perfect Beast cover The Boys of Summer (Don Henley cover)
  19. The Long Run cover Heartache Tonight
  20. Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits: Little Did He Know... cover Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
  21. Hotel California cover Life in the Fast Lane
  22. Zugabe #1

  23. Hotel California cover Hotel California
  24. Zugabe #2

  25. You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind cover Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh cover)
  26. Desperado cover Desperado
  27. The Long Run cover The Long Run
  28. Zugabe #3

  29. On The Border cover Best of My Love

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