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Top 10 meist gespielte Lieder von The Scene Aesthetic in den letzten 40 Konzerten.

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The Scene Aesthetic wird für ungefähr 1:01 auf der Bühne sein. Hier gibt es die mögliche Setliste basierend auf vergangenen Konzerten:

  1. A Type & A Shadow cover Come What May
  2. The Scene Aesthetic cover Heavy Lies the Crown
  3. The Days Ahead Ep cover The Days Ahead
  4. The Scene Aesthetic cover So Peter, You've Become a Pirate
  5. A Type & A Shadow cover Humans
  6. The Days Ahead Ep cover Letters
  7. The Scene Aesthetic cover Alvin Maker's Greensong
  8. no cover Find Love
  9. Brother & Sister cover If You're a Bird
  10. The Scene Aesthetic cover The Alamo Is No Place for Dancing
  11. The Scene Aesthetic cover Beauty in the Breakdown

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