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Haste the Day wird für ungefähr 1:23 auf der Bühne sein. Hier gibt es die mögliche Setliste basierend auf vergangenen Konzerten:

  1. Dreamer cover 68
  2. Attack Of The Wolf King cover The Place That Most Deny
  3. Burning Bridges cover Blue 42
  4. Pressure The Hinges cover The Minor Prophets
  5. Dreamer cover Mad Man
  6. When Everything Falls cover Walk On
  7. Attack Of The Wolf King cover Dog Like Vultures
  8. Pressure The Hinges cover Stitches
  9. Attack Of The Wolf King cover White as Snow
  10. Burning Bridges cover American Love
  11. Attack Of The Wolf King cover My Name is Darkness
  12. Zugabe #1

  13. Pressure The Hinges cover Chorus of Angels
  14. When Everything Falls cover When Everything Falls

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