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Beastie Boys wird für ungefähr 1:43 auf der Bühne sein. Hier gibt es die mögliche Setliste basierend auf vergangenen Konzerten:

  1. Check Your Head cover Time for Livin'
  2. Ill Communication cover Root Down
  3. Hello Nasty cover Remote Control
  4. Ill Communication cover Sure Shot
  5. Hello Nasty cover Super Disco Breakin'
  6. Solid Gold Hits cover Triple Trouble
  7. Paul's Boutique cover Shake Your Rump
  8. The Mix-up cover Electric Worm
  9. Licensed To Ill cover No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  10. Hello Nasty cover Three MC's and One DJ
  11. Pass The Mic (prunes Remix) cover Pass the Mic
  12. Hello Nasty cover Body Movin'
  13. Some Old Bullshit cover Egg Raid on Mojo
  14. The Mix-up cover B for My Name
  15. Check Your Head cover Lighten Up
  16. Ill Communication cover Tough Guy
  17. Ill Communication cover Sabrosa
  18. The Mix-up cover Off the Grid
  19. To The 5 Boroughs cover Ch-Check It Out
  20. Check Your Head cover So What'cha Want
  21. Check Your Head cover Gratitude
  22. Hello Nasty cover Intergalactic
  23. Ill Communication cover Heart Attack Man
  24. Ill Communication cover Sabotage

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