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Icon for Hire wird für ungefähr 1:14 auf der Bühne sein. Hier gibt es die mögliche Setliste basierend auf vergangenen Konzerten:

  1. Scripted cover Make a Move
  2. You Can't Kill Us cover Pulse
  3. Icon For Hire cover Cynics & Critics
  4. Venom cover Venom
  5. You Can't Kill Us cover Supposed to Be
  6. Scripted cover Iodine
  7. Hollow cover Hollow
  8. You Can't Kill Us cover Too Loud
  9. Icon For Hire cover Counting on Hearts
  10. Now You Know cover Now You Know
  11. You Can't Kill Us cover Demons
  12. no cover Drum Solo
  13. Zugabe #1

  14. Scripted cover Off With Her Head
  15. Scripted cover Get Well

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